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Coronavirus COVID19



We are officially open for well-child visits for all children! Please give us a call to schedule an appointment. Given the ongoing concerns for the Coronavirus COVID19 Pandemic, we will be implementing a number of precautions to ensure the safety of our patients, staff, and community:

  • We will be limiting the number of appointment slots each day in order to ensure that only one patient is in the office at any given time for your family’s safety

  • Each patient will be accompanied by only one parent/guardian (no siblings in the office at the same time)

  • We will be performing temperature screenings for all staff, parents/guardians, and patients upon arrival

  • We will be temporarily closing the waiting room to reduce the potential for exposure, so if you arrive before your appointment time, you will wait in your vehicle

  • Face masks will be required for all staff, parents/guardians, and patients

  • All care areas will be cleaned and sanitized between appointments


For sick visits, please call us before coming in for everyone's safety. Depending on your child's symptoms, we will either set up a telehealth visit or have you come into the office. If we decide that an in-person exam or tests are required, we will meet you in the parking lot and have most of the intake and exam happen with you and your child in your car as to minimize exposure for staff and other families.

Telehealth Visits

We will be introducing telehealth visits to our practice so that we can see your children without the need for you to bring them into the office. This will allow for more convenience while also minimizing the risk of spreading illness. This type of visit will not be suitable for all conditions/problems, so please give us a call to determine if this will be right for you and your child at this time. You will need an iOS or Android tablet or smartphone as well as the AnywhereCare app in order for us to have a telehealth visit. If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know!


Are you offering COVID19 vaccines for children?

Yes! Following guidance from the CDC and FDA as well as recommendations from the AAP, we are offering the Pfizer-BioNTech Covid19 Vaccine for all children 5 years and older. Please call the office to schedule your vaccine appointment, and review and complete and bring to your appointment this Covid19 vaccine prescreening and consent form.

Are you offering testing for Coronavirus COVID19?


At this time, we are not offering any testing for Coronavirus at our office . If you are concerned that your child was exposed and/or requires testing due to symptoms, please call us. DO NOT bring your child into the office and risk other families and our staff. 

Are your office hours changing?

At this time, we will still be available during our regular business hours. Any changes to our schedule will be reflected on our website and communicated to you prior to your scheduled appointment.

Are you accepting walk-ins?


No, please give us a call to figure out what kind of appointment we can offer you. If you believe you require immediate medical care, please go to your nearest urgent care or emergency room.

What do I need at home in order to do a telehealth visit?

You will need an iOS or Android tablet or smartphone as well as the AnywhereCare app (free download) in order for us to have a telehealth visit. If you have any questions, please feel free to let us know!

Can everything be done by telehealth visit?

While we will do our best to serve you and your family during this difficult time, telehealth visits are not suitable for every condition/problem. Please call us so that we can advise you based on your child’s individual circumstance when it is necessary to come in to the office.

How much do telehealth visits cost?

They will be billed the same way as a regular office visit, so you will be responsible for your usual co-pays, deductibles, and co-insurance.

Can you send in prescriptions?

Yes! Please give us a call, and we would be more than happy to send in prescriptions for medications and refills as needed.

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